Trust, without it, you have nothing…

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Dear Neighbors,

Asia, Africa, United Kingdom, Europe, Holland, Rotterdam, your neighborhood, in your street. People! Everywhere we look, we see people. All kinds of people. Young, old, beautiful, ugly, strong, weak, you name it.

But why is it that, with all these feet walking around, the only one you can really trust, is those you see when you look down?

Trust, maybe it’s the most powerful word there is. Without it, you have nothing. If you’re in a relationship, it’s the trust that keeps you together. Not even the love, without trust, your relationship is doomed to fail. In business,  If you’re planning on building an Empire with a partner you don’t trust. You might as well start giving your money away for free, because believe me, your guts feeling says it all.

Ladies, have you ever stand in line at a party, and the same guys who were tryna jump all over you just to get in, were the ones who try to holla at you in the club, when their ass is all comfortable? Terrible, terrible, terrible! These guys must think you’re dumb and visually impaired. How can i ever trust you to have my back, if at the doors you left me behind it?

Guys, have you ever had a girlfriend who slept with your best friend? TERRIBLE!. I see why they say, these hoes ain’t loyal, because for real, a lot of girls act like they are about to die tomorrow. Chill bitch.

Let’s not forget about the so called BF’s. Must stand for Best Fakers, cause the number of fake friends is taking over best friends. People have the ability to laugh in your face and plan something evil against you at the same time.

Either in a relationship, or at work, maybe you invite them at your house, everywhere you look, you see people. Some you know, some you think you know, some you don’t wanna know and a lot you don’t know at all. All these people are looking for something. They all have the same goal. Getting there! Where that is? I really don’t know, but people are “selling” their souls for it. Keep in mind neighbors, that they will try to do it behind your back!

If you ask me: ‘You must always forgive someone who breaks your trust, but you should sure never forget it, let alone trust this person again!’

I will end this blog with an african saying:

‘We start as fools and become wise through experience’

Love… BellaThe1



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