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Dear Neighbors,

Remember that children’s song about kissing in a tree, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes you and a baby carriage ? Who would have thought that this would be a lot different in real life? My previous blog was about lousy fathers, enough about them. Today’s blog will be about even lousier mothers.

Witches! That’s what a lot of women become after a failed relationship with the father of their child(ren). Instead of a lovely parenthood, they choose to be hell on earth for their ex. Let the BABY MOMMA DRAMA begin. They can’t come over at the house, because that means you have to look at his hypocrite ass. They can’t pick up their child(ren), because you don’t know to which girls house he’s going to, with your child. Sleepovers at his place? Dude must be out of his mind! What if he plays house with his new bitch. These are all things you know for sure are bad for your children, so you’re protecting them, right?


He wants or is trying to move on, but you can’t stand that fact. Who are you fooling? Not your ex, cause that dude isn’t coming back for sure. Also not your children, but you will notice that later. Obviously it’s yourself that you’re fooling. You’re probably thinking: ‘The more you annoy them, the sooner he will realise, that he should’ve never left you.’ (bruhh) Women! Why should you knowingly and willingly keep a father away from his kid? When a guy chooses to leave you, but still wants to take responsibility for his children. Let him be! It may look like you’re winning, while blocking their contact, but actually it’s a barrier for the development of your children. A girl needs her father to show her how a man should threat her and a boy needs that same example, to become a person who takes responsibilities in life.

Despite a terrible understanding with “moms”, there’re still fathers who will die for their children. Like it supposed to be. So does the father of my little girl. The love my girl has for her father is amazing. The chemistry between those two is not only because of the fact that they share the same DNA, but also because of the attention he pays to her. To me, he’s a complete moron, but to her, he’s her king. Think about it, we all want what’s best for our children, right?


‘Most relationships fail because, couples fight with pride more than they work with love’



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Dear Neighbors,

I’m sorry, i’m really, really sorry. We all know these words, by using them ourselves or as an apology from someone. Someone who just did something to be sorry about.

Saying you’re sorry, does not take away the pain. It does not make the “mistake” disappear. I use quotation stabbing for the word mistake, because is it really a mistake?

If you hit me by accident or stand on my feet without noticing and you say ‘i’m sorry’, then we’re cool, but don’t be sorry for something you did on purpose. If you’re cheating on me for example, sorry is the last word i want to hear coming out of your lying mouth. You sure weren’t sorry at the moment you was enjoying your cheating ass.

If you promise me something and you didn’t come true, sorry is also out of option. Don’t you know the meaning of a promise? I will explain it to you:


‘A declaration assuring that one will or will not do something; A VOW

You COMMIT yourself in doing something (or not) for another!!

Why should you be sorry for doing something, which you already knew is hurtful to another person. Or did you had a small amnesia?

People who know that their action is gonna cause pain to someone, are not really sorry. Yes, sorry because they got caught. So in that case, you’re sorry to yourself i guess.

So next time, if you are planing to just “being sorry”, ask yourself:

Would I be okay with it? Cause remember…


What goes around…


Love… BellaThe1

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Single is the new Marriage…

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Dear Neighbors,

House, bells and bliss, guess that’s everyones dream when you’re little. While growing up, you’ll come to find out, it’s easier said than done.

It’s the first thing you learn to draw, a house, next to the house stands your image of a tree, in the above corner a sun and sometimes, if you got that artistic touch, some flowers. The perfect image, society teaches us, of how our life should be as we grow up. Unfortunately, getting there will not be as easy as drawing it, especially not in this lifetime.

A lot of relationships are ending. People are getting children together * some of us try this marriage thing *  and living together, but it seems that this same society who put all these perfect images in our head, is also the one who’s breaking us up. How? Pressure!

Girls want each others men and even try to get each others life. Boys are faking it till they making it, into a new pussy, cause guess what? Pussy got no face these days. If you even look like a lady, you’re good to go. How come we want what others have???

Because, the pressure is HIGH. EVERYBODY is competing, and it’s not rare cause, society is our biggest example. All these phone companies, auto-dealers, clothing lines, different products, they all compete with each other. Every one of them want to make you believe, they are or they got, the best for YOU.

So it’s in our system, that if you want something and get something, you need to get the BEST! So that’s what we are looking for. If your man/woman looks better or has more than anothers, you’re doomed. “Hyena’s” will be lurking.

Earlier it was mostly men who where unfaithful and not committed to what they had, but women nowadays seem to care less about men or other women and their relationship. It’s almost like men are becoming good for 1 thing only, and it’s not doing the dishes, and even that 1 thing… can be replaced for a toy (since guys are having problems with doing their “job” properly). With todays technology, i see clowned sperms in a few years. You guys know this will make you useless for a lot of fed up women, right?

So, what are we gonna teach our children? The ones who are supposed to learn from us? That…

Single is the new Marriage?

For real?

Love… BellaThe1

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Your First time..

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Dear Neighbors,

Do you remember “IT”? With “it”i mean IT!

Your first time…

How is it that when someone ask me: Do you remember that time we blablabla? I’m like uhmmm No i really don’t, but if you ask me about my first time,…. i can tell you the when, with who (obviously lol) and the PAIN i felt. That shit is unforgettable.

God created the female body as weird as could be. How is it that the same spot, you can get so much joy from, can hurt so bad? I’ve seen some jokes online about the fact that we suffer more because of the Adam and Eve adventure, but come on! I didn’t ask Eve to be greedy with the apple.
Why do we all have to suffer from that? Others say that the female body is made to manage more pain, simple because a man couldn’t handle it. I can see why they say that, cause: ‘Have you ever looked at a man who’s sick?’ It’s like the dude is dying, for real no joke (crybabies).

Anyway, about the first time. The first time for a man is the most simple task he will get in life. It mostly happens on an early age, with a female who is a few years older. The guy will do his clumsy thing for 30 seconds and voila, he just lost his virginity.

For females on the other hand the interaction takes a lot more effort. I will not tell you all the details about what happens with the female body parts, but i will tell you: It’s an unpleasant happening. When i lost my virginity at the age of 18, all i was thinking at that moment was: ‘Are we done yet?’ I don’t know about other females but my first time was NOT pleasant, at all!! It was the love that kept me there, or else i would probably be gone with the wind, in 2 seconds.

I think the first time, for all females, should really be with someone you love, cause you might get a little “traumatized” by it. I’m not trying to scare the Virgins off, not at all, cause the first time will be the first step to a whole new adventure. So don’t worry, it might not feel great at first….


But it WILL get better. 😉


Love… BellaThe1

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What’s our status?

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Dear Neighbours,

In my previous blog i told you guys about how the youth has gone wild. Since there is a lot to say about this subject, today i want to write about the following: ‘When can you assume you’re in a relationship?

So there are a lot of boys who made it a sport to screw as many girls as possible. The reason they can do this, is because girls let them. With ‘let them’ i mean: ‘Girls are making it possible for them boys to screw a lot of girls,‘ period. Boys often, keep themselves busy with different girls at the same time. It’s easy to have contact with all these girls, true social media and with the smartphones these days. Who can blame them? Society makes it possible. Earlier there was only MSN Messenger and PP2G, we didn’t have whatsapp, snapchat, instagram and all it’s side-apps. Back then, the boys and girls in your hood where the shit for you. But now…..

‘You can have a girl (boy) in every Port.’

Back to the “let them’ part. Boys love to keep a girl on the low.

1: They don’t want to wake up hungry hyena’s and,

2: They don’t want the other side-bitches to know about each other.

The excuse they give these girls, is that they don’t want to be bound yet, but you may NOT sleep with other men.

Please!! This is for all the guys who ever suggested this to a girl. Look in the mirror and imagine a girl suggesting YOU such a ridiculous demand. Are you guys on drugs or something? What kinda bullshit is that? So you wanna sleep at my house, eat the food i prepare for you, use my water to clean ya ass, eat all my groceries and watch sports on MY TELEVISION! Yet here you are, giving me some bullshit about not being ready to bound, yet?! Expecting me to be loyal while you can be a Duracell bunny?!

Well this is what i think about this situation:

‘If your ass is staying at my house a few times a week and you`re eating my food, you’re feeling comfortable enough to be farting around me all the time and if we AT LEAST fuck once a week. Then bitch…

Love… BellaThe1

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Don’t you love Mondays?

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Dear neighbours,

Don’t you love Mondays? Well, I don’t! Lol, Monday’s are like starting my rusty engine again.
That’s why my Monday blog will be about me, myself and my thoughts. Just to start the week.

What surprises me these days, is the fact that there are so many beautiful women in this world. Where were they before Instagram was invented? The funny part about this is, that I don’t see them in real life. I mean the kind of beauties I see on Instagram, I really have no idea where they are hiding.

I’ve noticed that Instagram is making people go crazy! It’s not just the guys that are acting thirsty as hell, but the women too!! It’s like everybody is losing their mind. It’s a true battlefield over here. Women are taking intimate pictures with a man that’s not even theirs and posting it like: I don’t care (you girls know that’s like declaring a war to THAT other woman?).
There are men who don’t post any pictures of their woman so that they can make a better impression on other women ( like nobody knows your relationship status, really?) But The worst men on Instagram, are those who post pictures of their girl, but sending other women snapchats with their number. Yes I’ve received those snaps.

Where is the loyalty these days? People are breaking up like switching underwear. I admit I got rid of a few men. Why? Because them HOES ain’t loyal! With my last boyfriend I was willing to give him another chance but then I realised: I deserve better…

Yes neighbours, you do deserve better!! If my man cheat on me, I WILL find out. How? Could be because he told me himself, or because I did a hell of an investigation. Probably the second one. Either way I’m leaving his ass.
You can’t expect me to wash your clothes, make sure you eat good, give you bomb sex and still you wanna cheat on me!! For real bruh? There are too many women accepting a cheating man. Could be because of the children or because of the efforts you made for the relationship, I don’t know…
Ladies, don’t forget that little piece of detail: Your man cheated, period. That’s a fact that will never leave your thoughts, EVER again!

If the effort is only made by you and your partner is still cheating on you….. They GOT TO GO!!!!!! Don’t get it twisted my fellow neighbours, this includes cheating women too, because women are worse cheaters than men nowadays! Aren’t they?

My advice: Don’t settle for less! Once a cheater…

Love… Bella.the1

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