Trust, without it, you have nothing…

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Dear Neighbors,

Asia, Africa, United Kingdom, Europe, Holland, Rotterdam, your neighborhood, in your street. People! Everywhere we look, we see people. All kinds of people. Young, old, beautiful, ugly, strong, weak, you name it.

But why is it that, with all these feet walking around, the only one you can really trust, is those you see when you look down?

Trust, maybe it’s the most powerful word there is. Without it, you have nothing. If you’re in a relationship, it’s the trust that keeps you together. Not even the love, without trust, your relationship is doomed to fail. In business,  If you’re planning on building an Empire with a partner you don’t trust. You might as well start giving your money away for free, because believe me, your guts feeling says it all.

Ladies, have you ever stand in line at a party, and the same guys who were tryna jump all over you just to get in, were the ones who try to holla at you in the club, when their ass is all comfortable? Terrible, terrible, terrible! These guys must think you’re dumb and visually impaired. How can i ever trust you to have my back, if at the doors you left me behind it?

Guys, have you ever had a girlfriend who slept with your best friend? TERRIBLE!. I see why they say, these hoes ain’t loyal, because for real, a lot of girls act like they are about to die tomorrow. Chill bitch.

Let’s not forget about the so called BF’s. Must stand for Best Fakers, cause the number of fake friends is taking over best friends. People have the ability to laugh in your face and plan something evil against you at the same time.

Either in a relationship, or at work, maybe you invite them at your house, everywhere you look, you see people. Some you know, some you think you know, some you don’t wanna know and a lot you don’t know at all. All these people are looking for something. They all have the same goal. Getting there! Where that is? I really don’t know, but people are “selling” their souls for it. Keep in mind neighbors, that they will try to do it behind your back!

If you ask me: ‘You must always forgive someone who breaks your trust, but you should sure never forget it, let alone trust this person again!’

I will end this blog with an african saying:

‘We start as fools and become wise through experience’

Love… BellaThe1



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Insecurity makes you ugly!

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Dear Neighbors,


Small word, big meaning…

Being insecure is one of the ugliest things there is. Why? Because it makes you look small. Not small in a way of being short, but small as in; ‘people can walk all over you’. Like, you’re shit on their shoes. Nobody likes to have shit on their shoes. 1, it smells and 2, it’s not easy to get rid off. In other words, insecure people are annoying AF, period!

How can you expect people to respect you, if you don’t even respect yourself? Insecure people don’t respect the way they look. If you respect the way you look, you’ll show it, as if there is nothing that can break you.

If you don’t like the way you look, change IT! Make sure YOU count! Not only for the outside world, but more important: FOR YOURSELF!

It’s not bad to feel comfortable in your shoes and to show the rest of the world that you do. However, make sure you won’t be too self-assured, like a Kim and a Kanye, those 2 live on their own “planet”. That shit, is not beautiful at all! There are people who make it a profession to make others feel insecure about themselves. Most of the time, these people are just as insecure as you are. Confident people don’t have the need to put others down to feel good.

If YOU don’t feel good about yourself, who will?? Nobody, and if you don’t love yourself, how can you make it possible for others to love you? I mean really love you! Isn’t that what we all want?


To be loved…


Love… BellaThe1

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Single is the new Marriage…

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Dear Neighbors,

House, bells and bliss, guess that’s everyones dream when you’re little. While growing up, you’ll come to find out, it’s easier said than done.

It’s the first thing you learn to draw, a house, next to the house stands your image of a tree, in the above corner a sun and sometimes, if you got that artistic touch, some flowers. The perfect image, society teaches us, of how our life should be as we grow up. Unfortunately, getting there will not be as easy as drawing it, especially not in this lifetime.

A lot of relationships are ending. People are getting children together * some of us try this marriage thing *  and living together, but it seems that this same society who put all these perfect images in our head, is also the one who’s breaking us up. How? Pressure!

Girls want each others men and even try to get each others life. Boys are faking it till they making it, into a new pussy, cause guess what? Pussy got no face these days. If you even look like a lady, you’re good to go. How come we want what others have???

Because, the pressure is HIGH. EVERYBODY is competing, and it’s not rare cause, society is our biggest example. All these phone companies, auto-dealers, clothing lines, different products, they all compete with each other. Every one of them want to make you believe, they are or they got, the best for YOU.

So it’s in our system, that if you want something and get something, you need to get the BEST! So that’s what we are looking for. If your man/woman looks better or has more than anothers, you’re doomed. “Hyena’s” will be lurking.

Earlier it was mostly men who where unfaithful and not committed to what they had, but women nowadays seem to care less about men or other women and their relationship. It’s almost like men are becoming good for 1 thing only, and it’s not doing the dishes, and even that 1 thing… can be replaced for a toy (since guys are having problems with doing their “job” properly). With todays technology, i see clowned sperms in a few years. You guys know this will make you useless for a lot of fed up women, right?

So, what are we gonna teach our children? The ones who are supposed to learn from us? That…

Single is the new Marriage?

For real?

Love… BellaThe1

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Depression Kills! #2

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Dear Neighbors,

Depression: How do you get it? How do you get rid of it?

Everybody is able to get a depression, even children. It’s ridiculous but true. I mean, what kinda problems does a child have, to be depressed? Well, it can be everything, from being bullied to being abused, sexually, physically or mentally. Everybody who is able to stress and feel pain is able to get a depression, so yes, even you.

What causes depressions?: Of course it’s different for different people, sometimes you can even get depressed for no obvious reason, but mostly there will be triggers, like:

– being abused or bullied,
– having bad historical experiences with family or friends,
– mental illness,
– arguments, seperations or divorce,
– poor self esteem,
– someone who leaves your daily life,
– stress,
– not being able to open up and talk to others, or have people around you who you can trust,
– being in dept,
– feeling lonely,
– letting others put you down.

So all these triggers can put someone in a depression, but there are also chronic illnesses that can depress someone, like: heart disease, back pain and cancer.

How do you get rid of it?

So here is this bitch, who likes you to feel helpless and not in control. The only way to get back control over your life, is to make a movement. If it’s not a visit to your doctor, take a walk around the block, go to the gym or go to a musea for god sake, do whatever you’re good at. It’s a MUST, that you leave your house and do something active. If you don’t want to do it alone, ask a friend with you. If you don’t have friends, search for a support group. You’ll be amazed by how many people are feeling just like you.

A visit to your doctor is the most obvious first thing you need to do. Especially when you got insurance. You’re already paying them every month to get you guys better, don’t get it twisted. The doctor will ask you about what, why and since when. Together you should figure out a way to manage your symptoms and doctors have a wide range of treatments, as well medical and non-medical.

A few things you could be doing yourself to help you get rid of a depression:

Raise your self-esteem, the way you think about yourself is a big trigger for depressions. Someone who’s depressed will feel worthless and will think in a negative way all the time. You start to neglect yourself and this makes you feel uglier than ever. Do you think your self-esteem is low, visit, to read about things you can do to increase your self-esteem.

Having people around you is also a must! Go visit a friend or your family, those are the people you should be able to talk to when you’re feeling down. If you don’t have friends or family, go on Social Media to keep in touch with the outside. Search on Google for local groups or forums who talks about your problem. You’ll be surprised on what you can find on Google.

Don’t let responsibilities overwhelm you. Ask for help when it`s already starting to feel like it’s getting too much. If it’s at work, talk to the health department or your boss. If it’s financial, search up information about having depth. Every City got his department for that, because guess what? Money problems are EVERYWHERE.

Make sure you keep a routine in your daily life. Like work, or work outs or backing cakes (could be fun). A feeling of achieving something, is good for your mental health. Being active also gives you more energie, this way you don’t want to sleep all the time.

There are different types of depression. After a pregnancy you can get in a Postpartum Depression for example. You can also suffer from Bipolar Disorder, this gives you mood changes from another level. Did you know that even the change of seasons, can get people depressed? If you want to read more about these 3 and other kinds of depression, visit:

Having a depression is not weird neighbors, it could happen to everyone, but it does not have to KILL. It’s not uncommon that people who suffer from a depression have thoughts about suicide. People who are suicidal only live at that moment. That moment, when you think there’s no other way out than by killing yourself. It’s not that these people don’t want to live anymore, but they just want the pain to stop. Suicidal people actually want to be heard. They don’t need judgement and a sermon. They need affection and love, someone who listens and understands. Someone who looks at them and says: ‘I’m here and i care.’


Since depression is something not likely to beat alone, it’s important for people, to be open for others in trouble. And for those who are in trouble: ‘Don’t be ashamed, you’re not alone.’ Communication is the key! We need to care and help more, because you’ll never know:…


When the “Bitch” is coming to your house!



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Depression Kills!

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Dear Neighbors,

Have you ever felt like everything you do, goes wrong? Is this feeling ever been so bad that you start thinking about things you can do, that might stop this suffocating feeling? The feeling of not beeing able to breath and that elephant you’re carrying on your back seems to get bigger and bigger every day. It might feel like your end of the road is nearby, but wait…..

It’s not too late.

Depression… It’s a feeling caused by difficulty. Difficulty in life, who seems to take over your mind, body and soul. Everybody got these days, that you’re feeling sad and useless, once in a while. But what if the days becomes weeks and the weeks becomes months? This might be something bigger than just a sadness. Depression is getting underestimated and not always taken serious. People who got a depression don’t seem to notice this and because of the ignorance, it’s difficult for the people around you, to notice something is wrong with you.

Symptoms of depression:

  • a hopeless and helpless feeling (more than 2 weeks)
  • lack of interest in normal activity and other people
  • negative thoughts take over your mind and shuts down positive thinking
  • feeling like your bed is your best friend and you don’t want to leave it or you might not get any sleep at all
  • You can’t concentrate on easy tasks like watching tv or do the dishes
    feeling guilty and unnecessary
  • being irritable, short-tempered, or more aggressive than usual
  • eating too much or not at all
  • consuming more alchohol than normal or even using drugs
  • feeling like your life is a big burden and you got the desire to leave it….

I don’t know if it’s a feeling of shame that prevent people from asking for help. Or wait… I DO know it’s a feeling of shame. Why? Because people are too judgmental about one other. We are living like we don’t care about each other and all we do is point fingers. We need to stop being selfish and with our nose all up in our phones all the time (for example), because there might be someone standing next to you who’s “screaming”  for your help. I want to write more about depressions, like how you can get it and what you can do about it, in my next blog. ‘I think it’s something that needs to get more attention, because a lot of people are suffering from it in silence.’


Dear neighbors a baby who wants something or needs something makes noise,


why can’t you?


Love BellaThe1

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The Police is NOT your friend!

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Dear Neighbours,

It’s something you almost see daily on the news these days,

Abuse of authority by the police!

What’s going on with all these killings by the police nowadays? It’s like they got no remorse! All they show to us citizens is the fact that they are using UNNECESSARY violence. It’s normal for the police to use appropriate force when someone doesn’t want to cooperate, but damnnn, this shit is getting out of proportion. The most shocking thing about this is that the victims were mostly counteracting because ‘they didn’t do anything wrong’, in their believe!

These motherfuckers (excuse my French) choose their victims. I mean it’s too obvious that the victims are mostly foreign, this can’t be coincidence anymore. With the increase of racism now, you should think there must be someone who’s trying to soothe and solve the problem, but instead, the police is feeding this shit. What happened with the saying: ‘The Police is your friend and helper?’ I’m more afraid of my “friends”, the police, right now, than I’ve ever been for Bin Laden.

I can’t see someone as a friend nor a helper, if all they do is kill MY PEOPLE! Dear Neighbours you got to know that they are not doing this “out of the blue”. These cops get trained! If you’re thinking this behaviour fell from the sky, think again. The only reason why they are acting like animals, is because they are TOLD to act like that and GET permission to use such a ballistic force against US CITIZENS. So if there is someone we should be mad at, it’s the ministry of security and justice. THEY are the leaders, and the ones who give orders. THEY are the ones who train these barbarians and who send them on the streets with clearly no experience at all.


Something is got to change, because if not, i see a race war coming, and guess who will stand somewhere in front of The line… ME and i hope some of you will follow. ‘If justice is denied, let the law of Karma!..


..Nothing in this world is done, without a price!


Love… BellaThe1


Ps: R.I.P. to Mitch Henriguez, God rest his soul.

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Young folks gone wild!

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Dear Neighbours,

I want to use this blog especially to talk to the young people among us, and with young i mean between 16 and let’s say 28.

I’ll start with a question first. ‘Have you people LOST your mind?’ The reason i ask this question is because i see the young generation in my environment, acting as if they got no brains. I must be living in the wrong world. There is absolutely NO respect given these days from boys to girls or vice versa. It’s like all these “children” grew up with no parents, because i can’t imagine your father nor your mother, raised you like that, at all!

Boys nowadays are making it a sport to screw as much girls as possible. Friends are even passing on girls to each other like ‘Pass the Courvoisier’, only these girls are not as classy as Courvoisier, obviously.

What kinda girl are you, when you screw the whole team? This is probably the reason boys are acting like this, cause these girls got no respect for themselves what so ever.

‘Is this really the life you want guys?’ What makes me mad is the fact that most of you don`t even wear protection! Not only are you taking risk, by spreading some killer diseases, but you also have no idea which girl is gonna baby trap your ass, and there you are: putting an innocent child in a fucked up situation. We all know: ‘a baby trapped daddy ain’t gonna stay!’

Girls, to get respect you have to respect yourself first! It’s not likely that a boy will respect you if you screwed his friends or if you’re known as the neighbourhood ho.

Boys, for real??? A girl is not an object. Someone is gonna call her mom one day. Do you wanna be the one who fucked that childs mother up?

I don’t know how this is gonna be in a few years especially as a mother, but I do know:


‘’s not looking good.’


Love… BellaThe1

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Dear Neighbours,

Everybody knows what the word catfish means ‘Someone who pretends to be someone/something they’re not’. There really are a lot of “catfishes” on social media nowadays, I must be honest.

We girls will never feel pretty enough when we go natural. That’s why we put on make-up or have cosmetic surgery. We weave our hair and put on fake nails. We do all those things just to look pretty on the outside. We post that 1 picture, out of a dozen, which we think is the cutest and sexiest. Because that’s clearly what’s getting the most likes nowadays. Unfortunately it’s not always what it seems in real life. So yes, people are accusing one other of “catfishing”. But after some good thinking about this subject, I realized: Everybody is a catfish!

Did you realized that people are faking it at their jobs, in stores, at schools and most of all in their relationships. I want to talk to you about catfishing within relationships. Nowadays we mostly meet people online. Thank you to the founders of social media, because now we get to meet people we probably never would have met, if it wasn’t for them. So online you see beautiful pictures, you like each other and 1 of you will make a first move into further contact. You agree to meet, hang out, kiss and bla bla bla you end up in a relationship.

At first everything is fun and you really enjoy each other. He looks the same and she looks even better than online. After you decide to sleep together, their will be some changes.


First she becomes sloppy. She decides to “forget” a panty at your house. After waking up together a few times, she doesn’t look that pretty anymore in the mornings. Instead of her beautiful hair falling down her cheek, she’s wearing a scarf wrapped around her head, and her face looks different too.


Is that a little belly coming up??? Men get sloppy in relationships too. It’s like their interest in looking fabulous gets blown away with the wind. They also stop putting efforts in doing nice things, like taking you to dinner or to the movies. And here you are, thinking you would see the world with this guy.

A few months later you got a women who’s laxity is clearly showing (she’s not that princess anymore) and a man who looks far from mr. Right. Hold on, that’s not what you’ve “signed up” for. Who is this person? Why is it that in most relationships (not all!!) we are at first very attractive and lovely, but after a couple of months we become lax and too comfortable and show our “real face”?

I think that’s also: “Someone who pretends to be someone/something they’re not” (catfish). Often we don’t even realize our pretending is the reason why..

..we lose each other.

Love… BellaThe1

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Don’t you love Mondays?

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Dear neighbours,

Don’t you love Mondays? Well, I don’t! Lol, Monday’s are like starting my rusty engine again.
That’s why my Monday blog will be about me, myself and my thoughts. Just to start the week.

What surprises me these days, is the fact that there are so many beautiful women in this world. Where were they before Instagram was invented? The funny part about this is, that I don’t see them in real life. I mean the kind of beauties I see on Instagram, I really have no idea where they are hiding.

I’ve noticed that Instagram is making people go crazy! It’s not just the guys that are acting thirsty as hell, but the women too!! It’s like everybody is losing their mind. It’s a true battlefield over here. Women are taking intimate pictures with a man that’s not even theirs and posting it like: I don’t care (you girls know that’s like declaring a war to THAT other woman?).
There are men who don’t post any pictures of their woman so that they can make a better impression on other women ( like nobody knows your relationship status, really?) But The worst men on Instagram, are those who post pictures of their girl, but sending other women snapchats with their number. Yes I’ve received those snaps.

Where is the loyalty these days? People are breaking up like switching underwear. I admit I got rid of a few men. Why? Because them HOES ain’t loyal! With my last boyfriend I was willing to give him another chance but then I realised: I deserve better…

Yes neighbours, you do deserve better!! If my man cheat on me, I WILL find out. How? Could be because he told me himself, or because I did a hell of an investigation. Probably the second one. Either way I’m leaving his ass.
You can’t expect me to wash your clothes, make sure you eat good, give you bomb sex and still you wanna cheat on me!! For real bruh? There are too many women accepting a cheating man. Could be because of the children or because of the efforts you made for the relationship, I don’t know…
Ladies, don’t forget that little piece of detail: Your man cheated, period. That’s a fact that will never leave your thoughts, EVER again!

If the effort is only made by you and your partner is still cheating on you….. They GOT TO GO!!!!!! Don’t get it twisted my fellow neighbours, this includes cheating women too, because women are worse cheaters than men nowadays! Aren’t they?

My advice: Don’t settle for less! Once a cheater…

Love… Bella.the1

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