Single is the new Marriage…

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Dear Neighbors,

House, bells and bliss, guess that’s everyones dream when you’re little. While growing up, you’ll come to find out, it’s easier said than done.

It’s the first thing you learn to draw, a house, next to the house stands your image of a tree, in the above corner a sun and sometimes, if you got that artistic touch, some flowers. The perfect image, society teaches us, of how our life should be as we grow up. Unfortunately, getting there will not be as easy as drawing it, especially not in this lifetime.

A lot of relationships are ending. People are getting children together * some of us try this marriage thing *  and living together, but it seems that this same society who put all these perfect images in our head, is also the one who’s breaking us up. How? Pressure!

Girls want each others men and even try to get each others life. Boys are faking it till they making it, into a new pussy, cause guess what? Pussy got no face these days. If you even look like a lady, you’re good to go. How come we want what others have???

Because, the pressure is HIGH. EVERYBODY is competing, and it’s not rare cause, society is our biggest example. All these phone companies, auto-dealers, clothing lines, different products, they all compete with each other. Every one of them want to make you believe, they are or they got, the best for YOU.

So it’s in our system, that if you want something and get something, you need to get the BEST! So that’s what we are looking for. If your man/woman looks better or has more than anothers, you’re doomed. “Hyena’s” will be lurking.

Earlier it was mostly men who where unfaithful and not committed to what they had, but women nowadays seem to care less about men or other women and their relationship. It’s almost like men are becoming good for 1 thing only, and it’s not doing the dishes, and even that 1 thing… can be replaced for a toy (since guys are having problems with doing their “job” properly). With todays technology, i see clowned sperms in a few years. You guys know this will make you useless for a lot of fed up women, right?

So, what are we gonna teach our children? The ones who are supposed to learn from us? That…

Single is the new Marriage?

For real?

Love… BellaThe1

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