Insecurity makes you ugly!

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Dear Neighbors,


Small word, big meaning…

Being insecure is one of the ugliest things there is. Why? Because it makes you look small. Not small in a way of being short, but small as in; ‘people can walk all over you’. Like, you’re shit on their shoes. Nobody likes to have shit on their shoes. 1, it smells and 2, it’s not easy to get rid off. In other words, insecure people are annoying AF, period!

How can you expect people to respect you, if you don’t even respect yourself? Insecure people don’t respect the way they look. If you respect the way you look, you’ll show it, as if there is nothing that can break you.

If you don’t like the way you look, change IT! Make sure YOU count! Not only for the outside world, but more important: FOR YOURSELF!

It’s not bad to feel comfortable in your shoes and to show the rest of the world that you do. However, make sure you won’t be too self-assured, like a Kim and a Kanye, those 2 live on their own “planet”. That shit, is not beautiful at all! There are people who make it a profession to make others feel insecure about themselves. Most of the time, these people are just as insecure as you are. Confident people don’t have the need to put others down to feel good.

If YOU don’t feel good about yourself, who will?? Nobody, and if you don’t love yourself, how can you make it possible for others to love you? I mean really love you! Isn’t that what we all want?


To be loved…


Love… BellaThe1

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Depression Kills!

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Dear Neighbors,

Have you ever felt like everything you do, goes wrong? Is this feeling ever been so bad that you start thinking about things you can do, that might stop this suffocating feeling? The feeling of not beeing able to breath and that elephant you’re carrying on your back seems to get bigger and bigger every day. It might feel like your end of the road is nearby, but wait…..

It’s not too late.

Depression… It’s a feeling caused by difficulty. Difficulty in life, who seems to take over your mind, body and soul. Everybody got these days, that you’re feeling sad and useless, once in a while. But what if the days becomes weeks and the weeks becomes months? This might be something bigger than just a sadness. Depression is getting underestimated and not always taken serious. People who got a depression don’t seem to notice this and because of the ignorance, it’s difficult for the people around you, to notice something is wrong with you.

Symptoms of depression:

  • a hopeless and helpless feeling (more than 2 weeks)
  • lack of interest in normal activity and other people
  • negative thoughts take over your mind and shuts down positive thinking
  • feeling like your bed is your best friend and you don’t want to leave it or you might not get any sleep at all
  • You can’t concentrate on easy tasks like watching tv or do the dishes
    feeling guilty and unnecessary
  • being irritable, short-tempered, or more aggressive than usual
  • eating too much or not at all
  • consuming more alchohol than normal or even using drugs
  • feeling like your life is a big burden and you got the desire to leave it….

I don’t know if it’s a feeling of shame that prevent people from asking for help. Or wait… I DO know it’s a feeling of shame. Why? Because people are too judgmental about one other. We are living like we don’t care about each other and all we do is point fingers. We need to stop being selfish and with our nose all up in our phones all the time (for example), because there might be someone standing next to you who’s “screaming”  for your help. I want to write more about depressions, like how you can get it and what you can do about it, in my next blog. ‘I think it’s something that needs to get more attention, because a lot of people are suffering from it in silence.’


Dear neighbors a baby who wants something or needs something makes noise,


why can’t you?


Love BellaThe1

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Dear Neighbors,

I’m really getting annoyed with the fact that, ‘it’s always the ugliest guy in the room who got the balls to talk to pretty ladies‘. I’m trying to figure this shit out, because don’t you ugly guys get tired of getting “the look”, i mean that nasty look like Nicki Minaj can give you. I don’t know what’s fun about being rejected all the time, but i do know:

‘Rejection gives men some kind of strength to keep on trying.’

Rejection is awful as well for men as for women, we women get rejected too sometimes. Could be that the boy you like is not interested in you. What can you do? Nothing, move on! I think it’s easier for men to reject a woman, cause there are too many women on earth anyway.

Too bad there are men who can’t take a rejection. All women have met them: The guys who call you names after you give them the “look” or a No. It’s funny how fast you can turn from a pretty lady into a “ho” in two seconds.

Then you have guys who think they are “the shit”, but actually look like SHIT. I’m tired of telling guys that they are not my type. I say this when i don’t want to hurt that persons feelings, but this is not working anymore, so what can i do?

– If i’m trying to get rid of ‘em the nice way, they keep trying.

– If i’m ditching them the hard way, they’ll try even harder!!

– If you block them on your phone, they FUCKING GET ANOTHER NUMBER.

It’s really frustrating sometimes, cause what else can you do?

I know we women love to play hard to get, but this “hard to get game” women play, we play that on pretty boys. We do this, just to let them know, they can’t get all women that easy, with their pretty faces. Now this shit is obviously getting misunderstood by ugly boys.

Men, you look stupid trying to persuade a woman to date you, even when she told you she doesn’t want you. Don’t you got love for yourself? Like we say in dutch: “Every little pot has a fitting lid.” So i guess there is also hope for you.

Unfortunately it’s always the ugly guys who act “hard-of-hearing” and not


the ONE you actually want.


Love… BellaThe1

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