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Dear Neighbors,

Remember that children’s song about kissing in a tree, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes you and a baby carriage ? Who would have thought that this would be a lot different in real life? My previous blog was about lousy fathers, enough about them. Today’s blog will be about even lousier mothers.

Witches! That’s what a lot of women become after a failed relationship with the father of their child(ren). Instead of a lovely parenthood, they choose to be hell on earth for their ex. Let the BABY MOMMA DRAMA begin. They can’t come over at the house, because that means you have to look at his hypocrite ass. They can’t pick up their child(ren), because you don’t know to which girls house he’s going to, with your child. Sleepovers at his place? Dude must be out of his mind! What if he plays house with his new bitch. These are all things you know for sure are bad for your children, so you’re protecting them, right?


He wants or is trying to move on, but you can’t stand that fact. Who are you fooling? Not your ex, cause that dude isn’t coming back for sure. Also not your children, but you will notice that later. Obviously it’s yourself that you’re fooling. You’re probably thinking: ‘The more you annoy them, the sooner he will realise, that he should’ve never left you.’ (bruhh) Women! Why should you knowingly and willingly keep a father away from his kid? When a guy chooses to leave you, but still wants to take responsibility for his children. Let him be! It may look like you’re winning, while blocking their contact, but actually it’s a barrier for the development of your children. A girl needs her father to show her how a man should threat her and a boy needs that same example, to become a person who takes responsibilities in life.

Despite a terrible understanding with “moms”, there’re still fathers who will die for their children. Like it supposed to be. So does the father of my little girl. The love my girl has for her father is amazing. The chemistry between those two is not only because of the fact that they share the same DNA, but also because of the attention he pays to her. To me, he’s a complete moron, but to her, he’s her king. Think about it, we all want what’s best for our children, right?


‘Most relationships fail because, couples fight with pride more than they work with love’



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