I hate Dating!

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Dear Neighbors,

If there is anything awkward on this planet it’s dating! Especially the first date. Not to talk about the blind date.

Blind dates:

This is the kind of dating i do NOT like AT ALL! I know in advance that when i go on a first date, with someone i’ve never seen before, this person is gonna see immediately how i feel about his looks. The expression on my face will tell it all (that lil’bitch)!! Imagine you going on a blinddate, which your friends set you up with. You already know your friends taste of men, so either you gonna be excited or you’ll get anxious.

If he’s good-looking it could be interesting, but if he’s not…. You’ll be thinking in your head – over and over again- while he is talking about his sorry life (at least you think it’s sorry because you’re not listening) – how you gonna kill this friend – who got the nerves – to even think – you might be ok with this.

Are you still following me? In other words, if you’re going on a blinddate, be prepared to either love someone, or kill someone (your friend)!

First dates:

First dates are nerve wrecking. You already get to know this person a little bit, but this doesn’t makes it easier. With a first date you got other issues, like:

  • Does he/ she looks the same as the image you have in your head?
  • How will the conversation go?
  • Will there be awkward moments, like silence?
  • Does he/ she smells good? (very important)
  • Will he/ she likes you?
  • Is my hair still looking fine?
  • What if i have something in my nose?
  • Do i have something between my teeth?

And so and so. It’s terrible, for real. I don’t like to be in this position, although i know a date is very needed to be starting something.

My advice for first dates or blind dates, is to go to a public place and have a drink. It’s fast and after your first drink, you can decide to stay or to leave. It’s not decent to leave early while having dinner or watching a movie. Sometimes a first date, can’t give you a good impression of someone. You might be both nerves and acting both Steve Urkel. I advice you women, also not to be picked up at your house. What if you don’t like the guy and he decides, that you’ll be his future wife? Before you know, you got your personal doorman.

I don’t know how you guys think about dating, but to me…


Dating is an annoying, awkward and a too much energy costing occurrence!! But hey… that’s my opinion. 🙂


Love… BellaThe1

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