Your First time..

Dear Neighbors,

Do you remember “IT”? With “it”i mean IT!

Your first time…

How is it that when someone ask me: Do you remember that time we blablabla? I’m like uhmmm No i really don’t, but if you ask me about my first time,…. i can tell you the when, with who (obviously lol) and the PAIN i felt. That shit is unforgettable.

God created the female body as weird as could be. How is it that the same spot, you can get so much joy from, can hurt so bad? I’ve seen some jokes online about the fact that we suffer more because of the Adam and Eve adventure, but come on! I didn’t ask Eve to be greedy with the apple.
Why do we all have to suffer from that? Others say that the female body is made to manage more pain, simple because a man couldn’t handle it. I can see why they say that, cause: ‘Have you ever looked at a man who’s sick?’ It’s like the dude is dying, for real no joke (crybabies).

Anyway, about the first time. The first time for a man is the most simple task he will get in life. It mostly happens on an early age, with a female who is a few years older. The guy will do his clumsy thing for 30 seconds and voila, he just lost his virginity.

For females on the other hand the interaction takes a lot more effort. I will not tell you all the details about what happens with the female body parts, but i will tell you: It’s an unpleasant happening. When i lost my virginity at the age of 18, all i was thinking at that moment was: ‘Are we done yet?’ I don’t know about other females but my first time was NOT pleasant, at all!! It was the love that kept me there, or else i would probably be gone with the wind, in 2 seconds.

I think the first time, for all females, should really be with someone you love, cause you might get a little “traumatized” by it. I’m not trying to scare the Virgins off, not at all, cause the first time will be the first step to a whole new adventure. So don’t worry, it might not feel great at first….


But it WILL get better. 😉


Love… BellaThe1

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