The past!

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Dear Neighbors,

Obviously a relationship takes a lot of effort. You got two people, two thoughts, two experiences and a lot of trouble lurking around the corner, ready to interrup.

To keep a relationship working there are a lot of do’s and don’ts. Today i will write about a big DON’T!

Almost everybody gets into a relationship with a past. Except with your first love. That’s another ‘fairytale gone bad’- story. I admire people who really get to the ‘ till death do us part‘ end with their first love, cause that’s dope!

Anyway, when you starting to like someone, first things first, the investigation! All men and women investigate their soon to be partner. Don’t worry, questions will be asked about you. If you already asked around or winkle out his/her life by observing their online actions, you can make a decisions for yourself to make this person a part of your future, or not.

If you start a new relationship it supposed to be a fresh start, right? Then why is it that as soon as we feel comfortable enough, we start asking questions about the past? Especially women feel the need to be asking about: ‘with Who, When and how Many. DON’T!

If you DO want to know all the “dirt” about someones past, you’ll have to face some problems who will come with it, because almost every default you’ll have with this person, will remind you about the “negative”.

You see to many times, that someones past take control over their future. This make people either end up back at square 1 again or arguing a lot. It’s after a failed relationships you’ll get to realize, how many discussions you had where someones past was brought up. We call someones past “The Past“for a reason, you know.

Really people, why do we wanna know about how many fucks was giving and with who? You already know you’re not gonna like the answers. People will always lie about their past anyway. ‘What you don’t know, will not kill you‘, they say.


My advice for every single one of you is:


Don’t let someones “failed” past ruin YOUR present!


Love… BellaThe1

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