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Dear Neighbors,

We all know that sex sells, and why not? Sex is supposed to be fun and nice, (supposed to be). However, since people are not taking sex as serious as they should be,…

I would like to give you guys some ‘ADVICE’ from time to time. 🙂

I guess unprotected sex has been on SALE for a while now, cause haven’t you noticed that there are a lot of “-baby -trapped -daddy’s” walking around? Too many boys and girls are taking big risks by not using condoms (i’m really on repeat mode). I know condoms are not cheap, but if you can’t afford buying condoms, you are not supposed to afford having sex either!

Condoms are a lot cheaper than child support. You better know that! Do you know what’s also “cheap”? Passing forward STD’s! That my people, you’ll get for free.

You can get a STD just by kissing someone (Herpes, Hepatitis B and Syphilis for example). Can you imagine kissing someone – exchange spittle – and feel something itching on your lips later? Before you even notice,  you’ll have a third eye on your lip, and this one is staring at people.

The worse people are those who are aware of having a STD and still have unprotected sex. You are playing with others health and life bro’.

People feel ashamed to visit the doctor when they notice that something aint right, not thinking about the fact that ‘the doctor has seen it ALL’. Stop acting so careless with other people’s life. If you don’t want to take the walk of shame to your doctor, then…



Love… BellaThe1

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