Physical or bigger Force?

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Dear Neighbors,

I’ve met a guy, and even tho i can smell some “bad” in him from a distance, i still feel this big attraction. From what i’ve heard he’s very loved, so now i’m wondering, what is it about this guy? Is it all physical and sexual attraction (cause his body tho..), or is  there a bigger force at play here? I don’t want to believe that the Almighty wants ME to be with a bad guy, so i’ll go for the physical part.

So here is this guy, trained body, nice hight, his smile got me smiling too and his lips! OMG! Okay now i definitely know it’s something physical. He is like the perfect guy… until he opens his mouth. His voice and accent got me shivering!! Why can’t someone nearly perfect, just have it all?! Why did God give this man such an annoying voice and accent. When a guy calls me at night, i want to hear comfort in his voice, one which soothes you into sleep. Not one who gives you a headache.

I know in advance that this thing won’t work out, i didn’t signed up for this when i was talking to him on WhatsApp. I loved the
“silence” there. But… What if God did send him, and i’m being tested with this voice thing? When we are talking online, everything is perfect. We share the same thoughts and laugh about the same jokes. WhatsApp got people cyber loving, for real.

I don’t know if it’s the same for men, but we women think a lot. We can make whole scenarios in our head (i know you guys know about that). In my head i talk to god a lot, and i do remember me asking for a perfect guy. Although, i know perfection is different in each eye, i’ve got an other image of “perfect” in my head and that image includes a nice and smooth kinda voice. Is that too much asked?

What if he’s perfect for me in God’s eyes…


‘Do i need to lower my “perfect” standards?’


Love… BellaThe1

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