Cheating made Easy…

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Dear Neighbors,

I told you guys in an earlier blog about women and cheating. It’s not a secret that besides the men, women are also cheaters. I must say tho’ if men cheat, it’s on “a whole different level”, shit!! The way some guys cheat is a true profession. They just need to get payed for it.

Guys can turn from Mr. Loyal into Mr. Cheater in a matter of seconds. Relationship-issues can be a big trigger for a man to cheat on his woman, but the biggest trigger of all time will still be: ‘The thinking with the dick instead of the head.’ Imagine you as a guy, with a handful of beautiful women in front of you, all ready to trip, fall and land on your dick. Well, ain’t that a bitch ;-).

Since women are trowing themselves on men, it’s not likely that a man will turn them down. I think it can be forgiven if a guy cheats ONCE, like in a one night stand or something (not that i’m the forgiving type of girl), but men nowadays have like a file full of women on their phone and at least half of them are in love with this 1 guy. How is this possible? How can you be thinking it will be all right, for you to have a bunch of women all for yourself? This is like polygamy, only the women are acting Stevie Wonder on it.

Ever since Blackberry, smartphones, Instagram and Snapchat came out, relationships are doomed to fail. What we used to call a “black book”, is called smartphone now, only it’s 10 times worse. You can literally put a code on EVERYTHING, and with the Touch ID on iPhones, there is no need to peek anymore when your boyfriend enters his phone, cause you won’t be seeing anything.


  • If you want a serious relationship, you don’t need to search on Instagram at all, cause that’s where all the cheaters are stationed.
  • If your boy is on Snapchat, he’s cheating too! Snapchat is THE most sneakiest app, EVER! It helps you cheat, wtf!
  • If you can’t pick up his phone or have his codes, because of the so called “privacy”, he’s hiding something.

Parents need to be parenting their children better in this thing called ‘relationship’, i believe a father can be a big influence on your norms and values. ‘Too bad a lot of “baby daddy’s” are playing hide and seek’.

Cheating has become so easy to do that we almost can’t blame one other (ALMOST). If you want to blame someone…


Blame Society


Love… BellaThe1

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