Did love had me blind?

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Dear Neighbors,

I know that love makes you weak…

Sometimes you put all the standards you have into your back pocket just for that one person. You don’t see the wrong in them. No wait,.. you do see the wrong, but you make excuses for them over and over again.

Most of the time women know when their man are cheating. You just ignore all the signs pointing in that direction, because you don’t want to believe that the person you share so much with, not only your body but also your thoughts and your heart, would hurt you like that. I don`t believe that boys or girls want to hurt their partner when they cheat, but when they make the decision to play on you, they are definitely aware of the pain they could cause. When someone is aware and still makes the decision to hurt you, you know this person is not a 100% with you. Do you really want to date a 50% guy/girl?

People want to know if I really loved my ex boyfriend. ‘Why were you dating such an ugly boy?’ They ask. I know he’s not a Trey Songz but come on people, pretty is on the inside, right? LOL.

I obviously didn’t see the “ugly” in him. Well, i can tell you, i really loved the guy. It’s always after you break up, that you come to see things more clearly. I’m not dating him anymore and now, i do see all the ugly in him. Don’t get it twisted, with ugly i mean all the nasty things he was up to.

He was always saying that ever since we where together, he was faithful bla bla bla. I know that was bullshit obviously. He must have thought that i was one of those insecure (ugly) girls he had screwed, but boyyy, this bitch ain’t about that: “i still want you, even tho you cheat on me” life. The fact that I couldn’t tell for sure if he was cheating on me before, is the reason why we lasted a little bit longer than we did.

‘Love does not make you blind, it makes you choose to see less and because it’s YOU who made that choice, it’s You who is writing your future. Now that i’m single again i’m feeling better than ever. Why?…

Because I can go to bed knowing…


..nobody is cheating on my ass ;-)’


Love… BellaThe1

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2 thoughts on “Did love had me blind?

  1. It’s sad to see the past always keeps an influence on the future, but happy to see you’ve found your way (k)

  2. I choose to see more in guys in character than just guys that looks good, while their players. That is why í had chosen to stay longer single. Luckely i had found a Guy that had free me of beying virgin. I was 21 at that time. He had a goodwill personality in general but later on hé had his laks what made me unhappy. We had let each other go. Hé was a creool from praia as well. But i admit that i was not true to my desires. Made myself short. Not fulltime commited, to communicate and trying harder to find new relationships. But finally patience has his benefits. Finaly in 2012 í found my true love.

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