The Police is NOT your friend!

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Dear Neighbours,

It’s something you almost see daily on the news these days,

Abuse of authority by the police!

What’s going on with all these killings by the police nowadays? It’s like they got no remorse! All they show to us citizens is the fact that they are using UNNECESSARY violence. It’s normal for the police to use appropriate force when someone doesn’t want to cooperate, but damnnn, this shit is getting out of proportion. The most shocking thing about this is that the victims were mostly counteracting because ‘they didn’t do anything wrong’, in their believe!

These motherfuckers (excuse my French) choose their victims. I mean it’s too obvious that the victims are mostly foreign, this can’t be coincidence anymore. With the increase of racism now, you should think there must be someone who’s trying to soothe and solve the problem, but instead, the police is feeding this shit. What happened with the saying: ‘The Police is your friend and helper?’ I’m more afraid of my “friends”, the police, right now, than I’ve ever been for Bin Laden.

I can’t see someone as a friend nor a helper, if all they do is kill MY PEOPLE! Dear Neighbours you got to know that they are not doing this “out of the blue”. These cops get trained! If you’re thinking this behaviour fell from the sky, think again. The only reason why they are acting like animals, is because they are TOLD to act like that and GET permission to use such a ballistic force against US CITIZENS. So if there is someone we should be mad at, it’s the ministry of security and justice. THEY are the leaders, and the ones who give orders. THEY are the ones who train these barbarians and who send them on the streets with clearly no experience at all.


Something is got to change, because if not, i see a race war coming, and guess who will stand somewhere in front of The line… ME and i hope some of you will follow. ‘If justice is denied, let the law of Karma!..


..Nothing in this world is done, without a price!


Love… BellaThe1


Ps: R.I.P. to Mitch Henriguez, God rest his soul.

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