The Power of Social Media!

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Dear Neighbors,

It’s really getting ridiculous!

A “like” on Instagram can actually make you someones bitch nowadays. As soon as you like someone on Instagram, people gonna talk. I’ll tell you why:

The ones who gossip about you are mostly the ones who know nothing about you. An online action from you, got them “thinking” they all know you. Bitch you don’t know shit (excuse my french)! I could be liking a lamp, hanging behind the person, as far as you know. A like does not immediately means you want someone (at least for me it doesn’t, i don’t know about ya’ll). 🙂

BUT….. i must say: ‘We are all aware of the power social media has to be starting some shit.’ If there is a back and forth interaction, people are gonna assume things. Social media got us all connected to people we would never meet without it. You can get attention from stars by just tagging their ass online.

Our options of “finding someone we like” has become gigantic. People are even falling in love with persons they have only see on pictures. Attention: ‘You are in love with a picture!!’ We really need some Nev and Max over here in holland, because we got a lot of Catfishes too.

Social media got us giving away our number to people we would usually run away from. What you see online is not always what you get, and it’s not only the men who got this issue but we women too. Men are pretty good in pretending to be something they’re not. I think people who pretend, are acting before thinking, didn’t you think you will see the person in real life, eventually?

You can’t trust nobody online these days, remember that! If you meet someone online:

1: Make sure you guys call each other once in a while, you don’t want to be Erik Hartman when you finally meet.

2: If you can’t call each other you can send voice memo’s. At least to hear the voice behind the letters.

3: Videochat! If someone is on Social Media, this person can videochat. There is really no excuse to not be videochatting with all the possibilities. You can even videochat on Facebook. This can make sure his/her face is real ;-).


Really people, catfish is so 2014. Stop it! If you fall for it anyways, you’re dumb, sorry!


So,… when i have a boyfriend, this social media thing, it most certainly gonna be…


‘a Discussion- of a Problem- we need to Solve’.


Love… BellaThe1


PS: Voor vertaling in NL klik hier >>>> Facebook: Dear Neighbors


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