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Dear Neighbours,

“Money does not make you happy”,

at least that’s what they say. Funny tho, because when I have money… I feel pretty happy. They also say “love” is what makes you happy. Guess “they” were not thinking about all the pain love brings.

Of course it’s good to have some love around you. But nowadays I’m questioning the authenticity of love from the people near you. 

  • Family

Family is something you can’t choose. If you don’t get along with your family when you’re poor, than you sure as hell will not get along with them when you’re rich. It surprises me tho that there are so many “bought” family members nowadays. You people searching for love?? Being family doesn’t mean you have to be good with each other. If my family is being more like a stranger, I’ll cut them loose.

When you do good, family can be very distant. It’s like people will only love you and support you when it’s beneficial.

  • Friends

Well well well, friends. Either you got them, or you don’t. The sad truth is that it’s hard to see who are true and who’s fake! True friends,.. you can count them on 1 hand. If you’re broke TOGETHER, you definitely should be rich TOGETHER. My advice: Have 1 or 2 friends you share EVERYTHING with.

The others, are the ones you only go out with or the ones you can invite at your place. Be careful with the ones you invite at your home.
If the only thing your friend does, is gossiping about others, you should get the hell out of this “friendship”. Cause you KNOW!! Your name will be in that mouth.

  • L’amour

The fucked up truth about love is that love can feel like something you CAN’T live without. But when the other person hurts you… It could feel like getting hit by a train. One moment you can be so in love and the next moment all you wanna do is murder someone.

It’s hard to tell when someone really loves you. Most relationships these days are as fake as a new pair of boobs. Just hanging there, ready to pop.
Do you rather be poor with the chance of getting hurt? Or be happy rich and buy some friends and family? As this is all fake anyway.

With or without money, it’s YOU who builds a relationship with others. It doesn’t matter if you got money or not. Someone who is true with you, will take you as you are. Money can buy you stuff, you knowww!! So yes, from my point of view:

Money does make me Happy!! And if YOU are my friend, it will make US happy.

Love… BellaThe1

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“Money does not make you happy”