The Police is NOT your friend!

Dear Neighbours, It’s something you almost see daily on the news these days, ‘Abuse of authority by the police!‘ What’s going on with all these killings by the police nowadays? It’s like they got no remorse! All they show to us citizens is …


What’s our status?

Dear Neighbours, In my previous blog i told you guys about how the youth has gone wild. Since there is a lot to say about this subject, today i want to write about the following: ‘When can you assume you’re in a relationship?‘ …


Dear Neighbours,

I want to use this blog especially to talk to the young people among us, and with young i mean between 16 and let’s say 28.

I’ll start with a question first. ‘Have you people LOST your mind?’ The reason i ask this question is because i see the young generation in my environment, acting as if they got no brains. I must be living in the wrong world. There is absolutely NO respect given these days from boys to girls or vice versa. It’s like all these “children” grew up with no parents, because i can’t imagine your father nor your mother, raised you like that, at all!

Boys nowadays are making it a sport to screw as much girls as possible. Friends are even passing on girls to each other like ‘Pass the Courvoisier’, only these girls are not as classy as Courvoisier, obviously.

What kinda girl are you, when you screw the whole team? This is probably the reason boys are acting like this, cause these girls got no respect for themselves what so ever.

‘Is this really the life you want guys?’ What makes me mad is the fact that most of you don`t even wear protection! Not only are you taking risk, by spreading some killer diseases, but you also have no idea which girl is gonna baby trap your ass, and there you are: putting an innocent child in a fucked up situation. We all know: ‘a baby trapped daddy ain’t gonna stay!’

Girls,┬áto get respect you have to respect yourself first! It’s not likely that a boy will respect you if you screwed his friends or if you’re known as the neighbourhood ho.

Boys, for real??? A girl is not an object. Someone is gonna call her mom one day. Do you wanna be the one who fucked that childs mother up?

I don’t know how this is gonna be in a few years especially as a mother, but I do know:


‘’s not looking good.’


Love… BellaThe1

Young folks gone wild!

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