Physical or bigger Force?


Dear Neighbors,

I’ve met a guy, and even tho i can smell some “bad” in him from a distance, i still feel this big attraction. From what i’ve heard he’s very loved, so now i’m wondering, what is it about this guy? Is it all physical and sexual attraction (cause his body tho..), or is  there a bigger force at play here? I don’t want to believe that the Almighty wants ME to be with a bad guy, so i’ll go for the physical part.

So here is this guy, trained body, nice hight, his smile got me smiling too and his lips! OMG! Okay now i definitely know it’s something physical. He is like the perfect guy… until he opens his mouth. His voice and accent got me shivering!! Why can’t someone nearly perfect, just have it all?! Why did God give this man such an annoying voice and accent. When a guy calls me at night, i want to hear comfort in his voice, one which soothes you into sleep. Not one who gives you a headache.

I know in advance that this thing won’t work out, i didn’t signed up for this when i was talking to him on WhatsApp. I loved the
“silence” there. But… What if God did send him, and i’m being tested with this voice thing? When we are talking online, everything is perfect. We share the same thoughts and laugh about the same jokes. WhatsApp got people cyber loving, for real.

I don’t know if it’s the same for men, but we women think a lot. We can make whole scenarios in our head (i know you guys know about that). In my head i talk to god a lot, and i do remember me asking for a perfect guy. Although, i know perfection is different in each eye, i’ve got an other image of “perfect” in my head and that image includes a nice and smooth kinda voice. Is that too much asked?

What if he’s perfect for me in God’s eyes…


‘Do i need to lower my “perfect” standards?’


Love… BellaThe1

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Cheating made Easy…

Dear Neighbors,

I told you guys in an earlier blog about women and cheating. It’s not a secret that besides the men, women are also cheaters. I must say tho’ if men cheat, it’s on “a whole different level”, shit!! The way some guys cheat is a true profession. They just need to get payed for it.

Guys can turn from Mr. Loyal into Mr. Cheater in a matter of seconds. Relationship-issues can be a big trigger for a man to cheat on his woman, but the biggest trigger of all time will still be: ‘The thinking with the dick instead of the head.’ Imagine you as a guy, with a handful of beautiful women in front of you, all ready to trip, fall and land on your dick. Well, ain’t that a bitch ;-).

Since women are trowing themselves on men, it’s not likely that a man will turn them down. I think it can be forgiven if a guy cheats ONCE, like in a one night stand or something (not that i’m the forgiving type of girl), but men nowadays have like a file full of women on their phone and at least half of them are in love with this 1 guy. How is this possible? How can you be thinking it will be all right, for you to have a bunch of women all for yourself? This is like polygamy, only the women are acting Stevie Wonder on it.

Ever since Blackberry, smartphones, Instagram and Snapchat came out, relationships are doomed to fail. What we used to call a “black book”, is called smartphone now, only it’s 10 times worse. You can literally put a code on EVERYTHING, and with the Touch ID on iPhones, there is no need to peek anymore when your boyfriend enters his phone, cause you won’t be seeing anything.


  • If you want a serious relationship, you don’t need to search on Instagram at all, cause that’s where all the cheaters are stationed.
  • If your boy is on Snapchat, he’s cheating too! Snapchat is THE most sneakiest app, EVER! It helps you cheat, wtf!
  • If you can’t pick up his phone or have his codes, because of the so called “privacy”, he’s hiding something.

Parents need to be parenting their children better in this thing called ‘relationship’, i believe a father can be a big influence on your norms and values. ‘Too bad a lot of “baby daddy’s” are playing hide and seek’.

Cheating has become so easy to do that we almost can’t blame one other (ALMOST). If you want to blame someone…


Blame Society


Love… BellaThe1


Eenmaal op internet, is ALTIJD op internet!

Dear Neighbors,

Instagram en Facebook zijn de nieuwe porno distributeurs als je het mij vraagt. Alleen hoef je tegenwoordig niet meer voor een onsmakelijk filmpje te betalen. We worden als het ware gespamd met sex video’s van meiden en jongens die nou niet bepaald op pornosterren lijken. Sorry jongens, we moeten wel eerlijk blijven. Maar goed, waar gaat dit over?:

Exposing, oftewel Blootstellen.

Ik moet toegeven, ook ik genoot wel eens van de “exposed-instagrams”. De foto’s, daar kon ik nog wel om lachen, maar van de filmpjes aan de andere kant, daar werd ik niet echt vrolijk van. Ik hoef niet te zien hoe twee of meerdere mensen hun dierlijke instinct uitoefenen, bespaar me dat aub. Ik zag op Facebook een filmpje waarin een meisje van 13 een “gangbang” had met een groep jonge jongens. Mijn maag kan serieus omdraaien van zoiets. Waar halen sommige jongens het lef vandaan om zo respectloos met iemands kind om te gaan en alsof je al niet genoeg schade hebt aangericht, zet je zoiets ook nog op INTERNET. Serieus jongens? Maak dan op z’n minst jullie gezichten onherkenbaar.

Niet lang geleden was er ook de “Wraakporno” op Facebook. Ik heb er zelf niks van opgemerkt totdat Peter R. de Vries zich ermee ging bemoeien. Toen dacht ik wel even van: ‘Wow, shit just got real’. Iedereen weet dat als Peter zich ermee gaat bemoeien, het sowieso een showtje wordt. Chantal uit Werkendam had toentertijd een relatie met de “auteur” uit het filmpje, maar hoe vaak zie je dat chickies filmpjes maken met boys waar ze enkel sex mee hebben. Dat is niet meer vragen om problemen, maar om problemen EISEN!

Meiden ik word ook moe van jullie hoor. Ik vraag me serieus af: ‘Hoe dom kan je zijn?’. Niemand is te vertrouwen tegenwoordig, en zulke jongens moet je eigenlijk al op afstand kunnen ruiken. Ze hebben de ‘ik-ben-niet-te-vertrouwen‘ geur, het ruikt een beetje naar hond, duhhh. Ik snap dat het spannend en sexy kan zijn om met je vaste vriend een keer “iets” op video vast te leggen, maar de filmpjes die ik zie zijn ranzige homemade pornografie. Onsmakelijke dingen!!

Jammer dat het mogelijk blijft om zulke dingen online te zetten. Het brengt meer schade dan je lief is. Bedenk dat ook jij later een meisje kan krijgen 😉 en vergeet niet:


‘Eenmaal op internet, is ALTIJD op internet’. 


Love… BellaThe1








Do all women cheat?

Dear Neighbors,

Do all women cheat?

Ask a guy and the answer will bE, YES! Ask a women and the answer will be an absolutely: NO! Of course women are not gonna admit that they cheat. We studied the guys we used to date: ‘If you’re girl catches you, deny, deny, deny!’ You guys did too many shaggy on us, with the “it wasn’t me”.

Now the “students” are getting smarter than their teachers and it pisses the boys off!

Who would have thought that women will become better cheaters than men? I’m saying better because it’s not that women cheat more, but we can do it definitely better. If a woman cheat, there is most certainly something wrong with your relationship. It takes more for a woman to be cheating on their man, because women mostly cheat with someone they created feelings for. I personally don’t think all women cheat,… on every man. Attention, i said: ‘on every man’.

Like i said before, it take a lot more for a woman to be cheating on their man. Of course you have the “professional cheaters” among us women who made it a profession to cheat, but that’s another story. Earlier it was not likely for a woman to cheat, especially if you didn’t want to scary the guys away. Back then hoes were not as popular as they are now. Now you see the hoes getting wifed up and guys leaving their “home” for them. ‘You still wonder why you get cheated on guys?

If you are asking me if all women cheat, i will say that it might be possible. Maybe there are some women who never cheated, who can tell? Admitting that you did something wrong, is something mankind will always have a problem with. You might be thinking that i’m a big cheater now, but i have to disappoint you guys :-). I’m totally against cheating. I admit i did it once, with my first boyfriend. I’m not proud of it, but it made me see that it was something i didn’t like and never want to do again.

I feel like everybody is cheating on each other nowadays. You can’t trust a single soul on this, i can promise you that. With everybody playing so reckless with each others hearts, it makes me wonder:


‘Does it still matter if you cheat?’


Love… BellaThe1


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Dear Neighbors,

I’m really getting annoyed with the fact that, ‘it’s always the ugliest guy in the room who got the balls to talk to pretty ladies‘. I’m trying to figure this shit out, because don’t you ugly guys get tired of getting “the look”, i mean that nasty look like Nicki Minaj can give you. I don’t know what’s fun about being rejected all the time, but i do know:

‘Rejection gives men some kind of strength to keep on trying.’

Rejection is awful as well for men as for women, we women get rejected too sometimes. Could be that the boy you like is not interested in you. What can you do? Nothing, move on! I think it’s easier for men to reject a woman, cause there are too many women on earth anyway.

Too bad there are men who can’t take a rejection. All women have met them: The guys who call you names after you give them the “look” or a No. It’s funny how fast you can turn from a pretty lady into a “ho” in two seconds.

Then you have guys who think they are “the shit”, but actually look like SHIT. I’m tired of telling guys that they are not my type. I say this when i don’t want to hurt that persons feelings, but this is not working anymore, so what can i do?

– If i’m trying to get rid of ’em the nice way, they keep trying.

– If i’m ditching them the hard way, they’ll try even harder!!

– If you block them on your phone, they FUCKING GET ANOTHER NUMBER.

It’s really frustrating sometimes, cause what else can you do?

I know we women love to play hard to get, but this “hard to get game” women play, we play that on pretty boys. We do this, just to let them know, they can’t get all women that easy, with their pretty faces. Now this shit is obviously getting misunderstood by ugly boys.

Men, you look stupid trying to persuade a woman to date you, even when she told you she doesn’t want you. Don’t you got love for yourself? Like we say in dutch: “Every little pot has a fitting lid.” So i guess there is also hope for you.

Unfortunately it’s always the ugly guys who act “hard-of-hearing” and not


the ONE you actually want.


Love… BellaThe1



Dear Neighbors,

Sometimes i hear women say “size does not matter“. Really? Is that what you’re trying to convince yourself? As far as i know,..

Size matters, big time!

I understand some women don’t want to hurt their man’s feelings, but come on. Nobody can change my mind about the fact that the size of a men’s ‘D.’ doesn’t matter. I need to feel something down there, just like men need to feel something around “it”. Men don’t like a woman who’s totally stretched out down there, and women don’t like ‘feeling nothing’, PERIOD! Even tho you’re a good licker, we need other good action too, you know… I’ve had one ex who was assuming he had something big hanging there, but i have to disappoint his ass, because he doesn’t. That relationship didn’t last long (thank God for that).

In my opinion size does matter,but it doesn’t have to feel like it’s literally gonna touch your heart (to Big). I want sex no CPR. What also matters to me is a nice face/smile and a good body. I’ve often met ugly guys who bragged about their size. So what? You really think i’m gonna fall for that? No i don’t, not because you’re big sized doesn’t mean i don’t see your face anymore, cause i do! My message for all the ugly guys, and with ugly i mean UGLY, is:

Stop trying, please! You must know that if you look at yourself and then look at me, you don’t stand a chance dude. I can promise you that (k)…..

Why do guys brag about their size even if there’s nothing there? Is it because you think you can attract a woman with it? Is that really all you got to offer? I don’t understand boys sending pictures of it too. Some of them are even “catfish”, better looking on camera. I think if you meet a guy who’s really into you and into getting to know you, he will not be sending such thing nor be bragging about it. The fucked up thing about that, is that you can be really surprised the first time you guys have sex or really disappointed.

So i got this “dilemma“, i don’t like guys who be sending me nude pictures uninvited, but i do care about the size, and with all those liars walking around,..

..i don’t see this, going to be an easy task to find the perfect guy for me, SOON. Murwww….

Love… BellaThe1

Size Matters!

Safe Sex!!

Dear Neighbours,

Sex is one of the best things that exists, yet it can also be one of the most dangerous activity for mankind. I’m not talking about the different dangerous sex postitions you can use in the bedroom, but what i’m trying to say is:

‘Sex can literally kill you.’

People, especially men, don’t like to wear condoms during sex. It doesn’t feel natural, is the excuse they use. I get it, the sex doesn’t feels the same as whiteout a condom. For example: The uncomfortable dry feeling you get after a few bumps! Not to mention that moment when you have to bring up the condom, that’s an awkward moment too, don’t you think? Shit gets real if you’re both pretty horny and decide to hit it more than once. This doesn’t only makes the sex a bit annoying, but also expensive.

It’s mostly men who decide not to use a condom, women can go along because they don’t want to ruin the moment and because they could be afraid to demand it. What women don’t know, is that when you clearly let a boy know that there will be no hitting it without protection, most guys will not argue against it. They are happy there will be some action anyway. ‘Men, if a woman says she doesn’t want to use a condom, while you guys are not in a relationship, i think you should get the hell away from that pussy. Either there’s already something nasty “sailing around” over there, or she’s trying to baby trap your ass.’

Really guys, a STD is something you can get so easily these days, because people are not that careful anymore. If all STD’s were curable i could understand that people would take a risk, but what if someone gives you HIV or another incurable disease? This does not only means you CAN’T and SHOULDN’t have unprotected sex EVER again, but it also means:
You’re a death men walking‘.


Think about it and when you do, take a look at


‘You better be safe than sorry…’


Love… BellaThe1


Dear Neighbours,

I know that love makes you weak…

Sometimes you put all the standards you have into your back pocket just for that one person. You don’t see the wrong in them. No wait,.. you do see the wrong, but you make excuses for them over and over again.

Most of the time women know when their man are cheating. You just ignore all the signs pointing in that direction, because you don’t want to believe that the person you share so much with, not only your body but also your thoughts and your heart, would hurt you like that. I don`t believe that boys or girls want to hurt their partner when they cheat, but when they make the decision to play on you, they are definitely aware of the pain they could cause. When someone is aware and still makes the decision to hurt you, you know this person is not a 100% with you. Do you really want to date a 50% guy/girl?

People want to know if I really loved my ex boyfriend. ‘Why were you dating such an ugly boy?’ They ask. I know he’s not a Trey Songz but come on people, pretty is on the inside, right? LOL.

I obviously didn’t see the “ugly” in him. Well, i can tell you, i really loved the guy. It’s always after you break up, that you come to see things more clearly. I’m not dating him anymore and now, i do see all the ugly in him. Don’t get it twisted, with ugly i mean all the nasty things he was up to.

He was always saying that ever since we where together, he was faithful bla bla bla. I know that was bullshit obviously. He must have thought that i was one of those insecure (ugly) girls he had screwed, but boyyy, this bitch ain’t about that: “i still want you, even tho you cheat on me” life. The fact that I couldn’t tell for sure if he was cheating on me before, is the reason why we lasted a little bit longer than we did.

‘Love does not make you blind, it makes you choose to see less and because it’s YOU who made that choice, it’s You who is writing your future. Now that i’m single again i’m feeling better than ever. Why?…

Because I can go to bed knowing…


..nobody is cheating on my ass ;-)’


Love… BellaThe1

Did love had me blind?

The Police is NOT your friend!

Dear Neighbours,

It’s something you almost see daily on the news these days,

Abuse of authority by the police!

What’s going on with all these killings by the police nowadays? It’s like they got no remorse! All they show to us citizens is the fact that they are using UNNECESSARY violence. It’s normal for the police to use appropriate force when someone doesn’t want to cooperate, but damnnn, this shit is getting out of proportion. The most shocking thing about this is that the victims were mostly counteracting because ‘they didn’t do anything wrong’, in their believe!

These motherfuckers (excuse my French) choose their victims. I mean it’s too obvious that the victims are mostly foreign, this can’t be coincidence anymore. With the increase of racism now, you should think there must be someone who’s trying to soothe and solve the problem, but instead, the police is feeding this shit. What happened with the saying: ‘The Police is your friend and helper?’ I’m more afraid of my “friends”, the police, right now, than I’ve ever been for Bin Laden.

I can’t see someone as a friend nor a helper, if all they do is kill MY PEOPLE! Dear Neighbours you got to know that they are not doing this “out of the blue”. These cops get trained! If you’re thinking this behaviour fell from the sky, think again. The only reason why they are acting like animals, is because they are TOLD to act like that and GET permission to use such a ballistic force against US CITIZENS. So if there is someone we should be mad at, it’s the ministry of security and justice. THEY are the leaders, and the ones who give orders. THEY are the ones who train these barbarians and who send them on the streets with clearly no experience at all.


Something is got to change, because if not, i see a race war coming, and guess who will stand somewhere in front of The line… ME and i hope some of you will follow. ‘If justice is denied, let the law of Karma!..


..Nothing in this world is done, without a price!


Love… BellaThe1


Ps: R.I.P. to Mitch Henriguez, God rest his soul.


What’s our status?

Dear Neighbours,

In my previous blog i told you guys about how the youth has gone wild. Since there is a lot to say about this subject, today i want to write about the following: ‘When can you assume you’re in a relationship?

So there are a lot of boys who made it a sport to screw as many girls as possible. The reason they can do this, is because girls let them. With ‘let them’ i mean: ‘Girls are making it possible for them boys to screw a lot of girls,‘ period. Boys often, keep themselves busy with different girls at the same time. It’s easy to have contact with all these girls, true social media and with the smartphones these days. Who can blame them? Society makes it possible. Earlier there was only MSN Messenger and PP2G, we didn’t have whatsapp, snapchat, instagram and all it’s side-apps. Back then, the boys and girls in your hood where the shit for you. But now…..

‘You can have a girl (boy) in every Port.’

Back to the “let them’ part. Boys love to keep a girl on the low.

1: They don’t want to wake up hungry hyena’s and,

2: They don’t want the other side-bitches to know about each other.

The excuse they give these girls, is that they don’t want to be bound yet, but you may NOT sleep with other men.

Please!! This is for all the guys who ever suggested this to a girl. Look in the mirror and imagine a girl suggesting YOU such a ridiculous demand. Are you guys on drugs or something? What kinda bullshit is that? So you wanna sleep at my house, eat the food i prepare for you, use my water to clean ya ass, eat all my groceries and watch sports on MY TELEVISION! Yet here you are, giving me some bullshit about not being ready to bound, yet?! Expecting me to be loyal while you can be a Duracell bunny?!

Well this is what i think about this situation:

‘If your ass is staying at my house a few times a week and you`re eating my food, you’re feeling comfortable enough to be farting around me all the time and if we AT LEAST fuck once a week. Then bitch…

Love… BellaThe1